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Military Truck UE4 asset

Driveable demo game:
Model on CGTrader:
Model on Unreal Store:

Texture Sizes:

4096x4096 (cab, chassis, cargo bed, tent)
2048x2048 (dashboard)
1024x1024 (glass)
512x512 (lights, smoke)

UE4 asset features:

Drivable vehicle
Realistic engine sound
Working suspension
Show/hide cargo bed, tent and tent frame
Choice of 3 different body paints: green, desert, camouflage
Doors can be opened
Steering wheel rotates
Speedometer and tachometer needles on dashboard
Headlights, stop lights and reverse lights, dashboard light
Adjustable amount of rust and wear
Adjustable dirt on glass
Chase camera and in-car camera
Exhaust smoke
Map for car testing included

Military Truck